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How to Choose the Right Duct Cleaner

How to Choose the Right Duct Cleaner

From the desk of: Charlotte White

Getting your ducts cleaned professionally not just improves the quality of the air you breathe but also reduces your electricity bills and extends the life of the ducts. However, if you have had no experience in hiring a duct cleaner or have no idea about how to judge the knowledge and experience of a duct cleaning company then it could be very difficult for you to find the right duct cleaner for yourself. 

Being a former duct cleaner and with more than 16 years of experience in the industry, I am writing this free article to help YOU find the most suitable duct cleaner for your ducts. 
First of all, here are some basic things that you need ask a company before you decide to hire them for your ducts: 
  1. How long the company has been in the business? 
  2. Is the company a member of NADCA?
  3. Does the company provide complete cleaning of the ducts?
  4. Does the company provide written guarantee for their service? 
  5. Does the company have any proof of insurance? 
  6. Do you have any references from your customers? 
Don’t get easily bemused by whatever answers you get for these queries and ask for written documents before you get convinced. 

With my experience in the field, people often ask me my recommendation. I have done extensive research on the cleaning industry and numerous duct cleaners. And after spending some 8 months on these cleaners, I can conclude that SK Cleaning Melbourne is one of the best duct cleaners. They are extremely professional, friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable in cleaning cooling and heating systems.   
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Some Bare Truths of Duct Cleaners 

If you are looking for the best duct cleaner in Melbourne then read the following very carefully: 

1. Stay Away from the Duct Cleaner’s Rip-Offs
Most often you must have seen advertisements and pamphlets offering a “whole-house” cleaning at a very cheap price. However, once these cleaners come to your place they pile on various additional charges or up sell services thereby increasing the overall cost of the service. So don’t opt for cheap quotes! 

2. Be Careful about Daily Deals 
If you hire a company for their daily deal then confirm to ask what the deal will include. You must hire an experienced duct cleaner who would deliver the same level of service if you had paid the full price even in a daily deal offer. You must look at the fine print and ask in detail what you will get at what price before hiring a cleaner. 

3. Look for Only Certified and Licensed Cleaners 
You must always find certified and licensed cleaners. Do check for written proofs for the license and certification for the cleaners when you hire a duct cleaner. 

4. Ask for Written Guarantee. 
A duct cleaner that does not provide you any written guarantee for their duct cleaning service will not be able to do justice with your ducts and money. So always ask for written guarantee. 
Moreover, you should also ask how they will deal with your requests in case you are not satisfied with their duct cleaning service. Before choosing a duct cleaner, you should ask for a proof that can convince you that their technicians have the capability to do complete cleaning of your heating/cooling system. 

Keep all these things in mind while choosing a duct cleaner and make the most of your money by taking a wise decision!  


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