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The Best Carpet Cleaner

How to Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner 
From the desk of: Nelson

Throughout my career of 15 years in the cleaning industry as a licensed and certified carpet cleaner, I have seen the confusion while differentiating among a genuine professional carpet cleaner and a pretending-to-be-good cleaner who knows nothing but how to make money. 

I have noticed in my journey that most of the people have just one thing to ask about whenever they call up a carpet cleaning company and that is the Price. I understand though that price is an important thing but it should be somewhere down in your list when you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaner. After your home and car, it is your carpets only on that have made a hole in your pocket. So it is better to find a true carpet cleaner who can do justice to your precious carpets, rather than pick one on the basis of price alone. 

The Five Basic Questions you must ask before hiring a carpet cleaner are:  
  1. Is there any Guarantee of the cleaning service? 
  2. Is your company insured? 
  3. Do you have the membership of any association? 
  4. Do you have proper certification and license to perform carpet cleaning? 
  5. Why should I hire you? 
Also, don’t get fooled by flowery answers to the above questions verbally. It is best to see it all through your own eyes in writing before believing a new carpet cleaner whom you don’t know. 

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The answer to this question, without any doubts, is YES! Let me explain why... 
I have done a detailed study of the content available on the website of SK Cleaning Services. Moreover, I have also had a one-on-one conversation with the owners to know more about their company, their services, their policies, and how they execute their principles. And after all the consideration I can assertively say that if you choose SK Cleaning Services to get your carpets cleaned at your home or office then you will be absolutely pleased by the outcomes. I can also honourably say that you will be so delighted with their service that you will be tempted to recommend their name to your friends and family too. 

 I am not a person who is very easily impressed but this company has flabbergasted me with their professionalism, courteousness, and quality of customer service. I have rarely recommended any carpet cleaners and water damage restoration professionals but I am sure about SK Cleaning Services that this is a leading company run by a bunch of honest people providing excellent carpet cleaning services. 

P.S. As a former licensed carpet cleaner I put my name on the line with any recommendations that I make. And I am very sure that by recommending SK Cleaning Services I am only enhancing my name. 
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By Nelson 

Revealing Some Important Secrets 

I have spent almost 6-8 months during my personal intense research, during which I had interviewed many carpet cleaners, made numerous phone calls, and asked various questions. And my conclusion is that only 1 out of 29 carpet cleaners are worth hiring. 

What does this mean for an average home owner looking for a professional carpet cleaner? Think about this that a person like me with ample knowledge and certifications is spotting a bad carpet cleaner by just asking a few questions and figured out that only 1 in 29 carpet cleaners are not worth spending money on then what is the chance of a layman? 

Let’s imagine a situation. What would you do if someone asked a few questions about your profession? Will you be able to provide correct information, good tips on a subject on which you spend almost 40 hours a week? Will you be able to give right suggestions to someone who is new to the subject and help them with good advice? It is the same case with me. I have been in this industry for last 15 years and I can definitely give you the right directions to locate the best carpet cleaner and this is what I am doing in this free article. 
Here I share a copy of an online Media Release
If you are one of those looking for a genuine and professional carpet cleaner, then read this FIRST! 
“Carpet Cleaners’ Dirty Tricks Exposed” 
A Former Certified And Licensed Carpet Cleaner Reveals What Happens Backstage In The Carpet Cleaning Industry And Has Definitely Got On The Hate List of Every Crooked Carpet Cleaner...
The truth about fraud carpet cleaners is being revealed for the first time. 
This former carpet cleaner has 15 years of industry experience and is sharing the insides of the carpet cleaning industry by exposing top dirty tricks used by crooked carpet cleaners. He also shares how the common man can avoid being a fool in their hands by suggesting how to find a genuine professional carpet cleaner.
Read this very carefully. 
Top Dirty Tricks of Leading Carpet Cleaners are: 

1. Quote a Cheap Price. When you call a carpet cleaner, some of them will give you a cheap quote and you will be astonished to notice that this is at times up to 10 times cheaper than what you get from another cleaner. This is the favourite dirty trick. They give a cheap quote but increase the price later by charging for all those services that should be included in the first place. Don’t get fooled by this and ask for an all inclusive quote for your service. 

2. Pretend to be Certified and Licensed Cleaners. When you ask for certified and licensed trained cleaners, you most often get the reply in positive. However, very few carpet cleaners have licensed and certified professionals working for them. What they do is commit for certified cleaners on phone and when they arrive at your home/office they pretend to have forgotten to bring their ID proof. Stay Alert! And understand that a true professional will never show his face to you without a valid ID proof to show that they are licensed cleaners. 

3. Only Verbal Guarantee without Any Written Proof. Don’t get impressed by just what you hear on the phone. Most of these crooked carpet cleaners will tell you what you want to hear on phone. Do ask for a written proof. If they offer any guarantee, take it in writing otherwise consider it invalid. An honest carpet cleaner will always provide a Written Guarantee for their service. Don’t fall for their words. 

4. Lies, Lies, and Lies! I have personally observed that carpet cleaners don’t hesitate to lie to make a new customer. You will get lies on phone and more lies when they arrive at your home/office. Unfortunately, our industry has many such people who would stoop to any level to make money. So be attentive and take guidance from an industry professional. 

You might like to question the points mentioned in this article to your local carpet cleaners and most of them will not agree to anything mentioned here. They will try their best to assert that whatever is written here does not apply to them. They will give all sorts of excuses saying that they have been in the industry for more than 30 years and how they are the best. The reason why these people easily get away is that because our carpet cleaning industry is UN-REGULATED.

If the carpet cleaning industry becomes regulated, mark my words it would change overnight. More than a thousand carpet cleaners will have to leave their business over night if this happened. And then what you will get as a quote over phone would be the whole truth and not just a cheap trick to fool you! 


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